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Events in Mexico.

A Single Gringa in Mexico & Mexico a Sunny Place For Shady Men.

I have combined the two books and the new title is, "When Given an Avocado Make Guacamole."The book is available as a Kindle & a paperback. You can order the Kindle version via this link to read on your Kindle, laptop or Iphone.

You can order for  your laptop or PC download this free

There is so much bad press coming from the US about Mexico. That I thought it would be a good idea to use my blog as an ongoing post of events that are happening in Mexico. There are now 45,577 people in 144 countries following me  & 53 are countries I have been to.  

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Mexico a Sunny Place for Shady Men . You can read a sample chapter every month on my blog.  I just changed Chapter 9 for 10.
Then if you would like to order a ebook or paperback you can on Amazon as the combined 2 books
.So far 6,204 people have read it.

 There is a sample on Chapter 2 of this blog; of my most read Chapter in  A Single Gringa in Mexico. Which is in the combined book as well.

E.c. Bell from Charleston has painted a portrait for our book cover. You can find him and his paintings on his Facebook page under his name as I wrote it. He ships worldwide.

This is a summary of Tres Vampiras.

On a visit to Mexico a mature American woman, Bekka, meets a mysterious silver-haired Mexican man at a nightclub in Puerto Vallarta. After an intense one-night liaison he vanishes and Bekka vows to find him again. In her search she discovers that he met two other women that night, Rebe and Susana. The three women become very quick friends and decide to track down this mysterious man.  Bekka felt an emotional and spiritual connection to him, he belonged to her, and she wanted to be with him. She couldn't explain why she felt that way, and Rebe and Susana couldn't figure out why they felt so close to Bekka. The three ladies begin to experience strange dreams and feelings toward each other, a drawing of souls toward one another. They hatch a plot to meet him again, unknowingly throwing themselves into a new beautiful but dark world, a world that few know exists. - the complex and inflexible world of the vampire, or vampiro.  Demetrio, as they discovered, was different than other vampires. He could walk in the day, and he could age. He was “A Child of the Light” - a White Vampire whose only weakness was the full moon and only protection was the beautiful pendant he wore.  Bekka had hoped to be with him, but as much as he wanted to explore that possibility, he told her the truth - his heart belonged to another and that other had returned to Mexico. He was anxious to reunite with her and had to leave the three women in San Miguel de Allende under the protection of his faithful friend Sister Helga. The Sister would help the three discover their emerging powers and advise them about many future dangers that converged around one name, the one name that would toss their lives into a deeper dark hole - Rose.

These are videos made of our book signing March 20, 2016

This is a video of a reading of Chapter 1.

Here is a link to a interview of me about the book.

Tres Vampiras blog via this link:

1,665 people have read it so far.

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Book 2 is finished and at the proof reader now. We are working on the cover. Here is the third painting with final changes we are using.

Events in and information about Mexico in the biggest expat communities:

Below is a list of web sites for the main places in Mexico that Expat's live. If you are traveling to one of these or interested in information about living in one then go to these sites. Please also subscribe to International Living, which is the best information compiled and comparison's for living abroad.

San Miguel de Allende go to this link.

Puerto Vallarata go to this link.

Baja California please go to this link.

Mexico City check out this web site:

Merida go to this link:


Playa del Carmen go to this link:

Friday, March 6, 2015 from 10htt://wwFor w.ajijicne

Ajijic and along Lake Chapala go to ths link.

 Rocky Point or Puerto Penasco go to this link.

Tijuana go to this link.

San Miguel de Allende go to this link.


San Carlos go to this link:

San Felipe go to this link:

Cabos San Lucas go to this link:


December in Mexico

December and January tend to be the coolest months of the year, so where ever your destination in Mexico, you'll need to bring a sweater just in case, and  a jacket if you're heading to high altitude spots. December has plenty of festivals and events. The feast day of Mexico's patron saint, Our Lady of Guadalupe, falls on the 12th and Christmas celebrations begin on the 16th with the posadas. This is high season for many destinations; particularly the last couple of weeks of December can be crowded.

San Miguel de Allende every Thursday night.


Saturdays in San Miguel de Allende, not Friday as the poster says.

Mexico City Christmas Festivities
Mexico City, December 8 to January 6
The Mexico City government installs an ice skating rink in the Mexico City Zocalo, that is free for all to access, though long line-ups are common. Ice skates are loaned on site, without charge. The rink usually opens on December 8, and remains open through January 6, when Christmas festivities come to an end with the celebration of King's Day.

December 7 in Ceyala

December 8 in San Miguel de Allende

December 9 & 10 in San Miguel de Allende

December 10 in Rosarito

Fiesta of the Virgin of Guadalupe
Throughout Mexico, but particularly in Mexico City, December 12
The feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe commemorates the traditional account of her first appearances on the hill of Tepeyac near Mexico City in 1531. The main celebrations take place in Mexico City, where thousands of pilgrims converge on the Basilica de Guadalupe to pay tribute to Mexico's patron saint. The square in front of the Basilica is a stage for singing, dancing and celebration. See photos of the Basilica of Guadalupe.

December 12 in San Miguel de Allende

December 13 in Ensenada

Shortys Poker Night Benefiting Spay & Neuter. December 13 at 17:30 at Casa De Luigi Fray Francisco Palou inn Mision de San Miguel, Baja. Come join us for a Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament to support our community spay and neuter program sponsored by Baja Exiles and Shorty's Charities. 

*20% of the pot goes to the animals
*70% / 30% Split Payout for 1st and 2nd Place
*$300MXN/$15.00USD Buy In and Re-Buys
*Only 9 spots open, once filled no other players.
*Cigars for sale with proceeds going to the animals.
*Wine & Beer for sale with proceeds going to the animals.
*Spectators welcome $50MXN/$2.50USD Fee

December 13 in San Miguel de Allende

December 14 in La Paz

Feria de la Posada y Piñata - Posada and Piñata Fair
Acolman de Nezahualcoyotl, Estado de Mexico, December 16 to 23
An annual celebration near Mexico City, in which the Christmas traditions of piñatas and posadas are celebrated. Workshops in piñata-making are offered. Learn about the history and meaning of the piñata.

December 16 to 24
Every night from the 16th to the 24th of December, there are street processions that culminate in house parties known as posadas, in which Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem is remembered.
Read more: Posadas

December 17 in San Miguel de Allende

Sunset Boat Parade
Cancun, Quintana Roo, December 20
The holiday season in Cancun kicks off with a parade of boats and yachts through the Nichupte Lagoon. The boats are festooned with Christmas lights and decorations.
Website: Sunset Boat Parade

December 22 in San Miguel de Allende

Noche de los Rábanos - Radish Night
Oaxaca, Oaxaca, December 23rd
The Oaxaca Zocalo is filled with stalls during this popular event in which local craftspeople carve and assemble radishes into all different types of figures, from flowers and animals to saints and nativity scenes.

Navidad - Christmas
December 25
The last posada takes place on Christmas Eve, "Nochebuena," and families have a late-night supper. In cities there are calendas, festive processions and other events.
Read more: Mexican Christmas Traditions

December 29 in San Miguel de Allende.

Año Nuevo - New Year's Eve
December 31
Celebrations vary from raucous to sedate. Find out about Mexican New Year's Eve traditions.

December 31 in San Miguel de Allende


December 31 in Rosarito

December 31 in Ensenada

Blues rockers WILD PACK will be performing and jamming in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) Mexico at Southside Jills on NEW YEAR'S EVE for our second sold out show! We look forward to everyone coming out and getting your groove on with us. If you're a blues musicians and would like to join the jam, get ahold of me through messenger. TIME FOR A ROADTRIP BABY! It's going to be a BLUES ROCKIN' NEW YEAR JAM PARTY so don't miss it.

BAJA WHALE TOUR February 19 y 21 2017 from San Felipe to Guerrero Negro.
Experience the magic of the Baja whales of Ojo de Liebre in Guerrero Negro & tour the Saltworks operation. This is a Car-a-van tour. Will you be Driving or Riding? Let us know; we will help pair riders up with drivers. Leaving Feb. 19 and returning to San Felipe Feb. 21. *Includes visit with Coco's Conner, Baja Sur spray fee, 2 nights stay, guided whale tour, tour the Saltworks operation, 2 sack lunches with 2 drinks, and private group dinner (alcohol is extra). *gas expenses shared when riding.

March 6 to 10 2017 in Rosarito

The best expat online magazine about traveling, investing and living in Mexico.

If driving to & within Mexico use this link which will give a complete travel plan with tolls, miles, how much gas you will use and other valuable information.

Senior Discounts on Mexican airlines regardless of destination:
For leisure or business, anyway you can have an exclusive 20% discount in all your purchases in domestic and international destinations.  It is time to spoil you! Your discount would be given automatically by registering your age on our contact page during  your purchase or when reporting staff in sales offices or call center The last step would be your strict documentation at the counter presenting an official identification in order to honor your discount.  * Please consider that this benefit does not apply with other promotions.

 AeroMexico for 15%

A article about bus travel in Mexico and all bus companies in Mexico give seniors 50% discount.

When traveling to San Miguel de Allende read this article about where to eat.

Need a professional guide in San Miguel standard tours or customized tours or a driver to get out of the city contact Daniela at:

Best news site in all locations in Mexico. Sign up in the English version and pick your location.

Border crossing website for all borders along the US/MX borders.

Do you ever wish there was a classy, charming place to stay in Rosarito on the Ocean? Do you have family, guests or friends coming and nowhere nice to put them up?
Try Casa Farolito Bed and Breakfast - owned and operated by Americans, staffed by local ladies. This place is an Oceanfront gem, unknown by most locals. If you ever read the reviews of most Rosarito Beach Hotels - they are quite dismal.
Casa Farolito Bed & Breakfast is highly rated by trip advisor and guests come back time and time again.
p.s. ask about our Baja Friends discount!

San Blas hotel. Contacto: Tel.: 01 800 71 323 13 Email: Página web:

My favorite hotel in Ajijic down the street from my favorite restaurant & club 4

I get asked all the time, where can I stay with my pets in hotels in Mexico, what papers do I need to bring my pet into Mexico or back to the US. This is a site that lists pet friendly hotels and all the questions and answers about traveling with your pet across either border. 

Omnibus Mexicanos has international service from San Miguel de Allende to Laredo, San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Waco, Dallas & Garland call 415-152-3218

If your planning a trip to Mazatlan this is a great site.

Planning a trip to Manzanillo here is a link to a hotel I have stayed in many times

A gay resort hotel in Acapulco that also accepts pets.

A hotel in Patzcuaro that accepts dogs

;">Driving to the border via McAllen this is a great hotel to stay in

Five great day trips from San Miguel de Allende are:

Bernal to see the Pena and would like to stay over night so you can see the vineyards and zoo stay here

Tequisquiapan in Querataro that is known for making rattan furniture.

A great getaway for a overnight is to drive to Queretaro to Harry's and enjoy the same great service, food & drinks with outdoor seating over looking the Plaza. It is in historic Centro and is in a great hotel to spend the night. You can get information at our Harry's while enjoying Happy Hour.
If your shopping in Leon for cowboy boots and shoes and want to stay over this is a great dog friendly hotel

Pozo's the Ghost town that was a mining town and is now a artist community.

A great trip El Castillo The setting couldn't be more spectacular ! El Castillo (The Castle) is located in the town of Xilitla (He-lit-la), in the state of San Luis Potosi. Xilitla is a lively village nestled into northern Mexico's Sierra Madre mountains, in a peaceful, semi-tropical mountain valley that is teaming with wildlife and magnificent sights. This little Shangri-la has been an inspiration to many who have happened upon it. The area offers everything from the excitement of market day in one of the many Indian villages to hiking the miles of scenic trails, ending your day relaxing by our pool as you enjoy a peaceful sunset over the breathtaking view of the surrounding Sierra Madres A reasonable hotel in the romantic zone of Puerto Vallarta around the corner from Andals Resturant & Bar

Need a great hotel to stay in Guadalajara in Tlaquepaque it even has off street parking, a swimming pool & is dog friendly

A link to a bus company who will pick you up in San Ysidro and cross the border in TJ for you and take you as far south as Esenanda. They also will custom a tour for a group for you.

A link to a bus company who will pick you up at the airport in TJ or the bus terminal and cross the border with you to San Diego and other cities north.

A link to a bus company that leaves Ensenada and will take you to the airport or border in TJ and stops in Rosarito to pick up as well.

the address is Londres 115, on the corner of Londres and Genova, Col. Cuauhtemoc, 06600 México DF. The hotel is in the Zona Rosa, very well located, steps away from the Angel de la Independencia.