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When Given an Avocado, Make Gucamole

A Single Gringa in Mexico & Mexico a Sunny Place For Shadey Men.

One of my Vampire's in my life claimed that he owned the photographs I used on my covers of my two books so they were removed from Amazon while they investigated his absurd claim. He was proven wrong by the properties of the photographs. However,  I made a new cover and combined the two books as one. Something I wanted to do anyway. If you are given a lemon make lemonade.

The new title is, "When Given an Avocado Make Guacamole," with both books within, with the same titles. The book is finished and up as a Kindle & a paperback. You can order the Kindle version via this link to read on your Kindle, laptop or Iphone.

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Every month I change out a chapter to read on this blog page today I changed it to Chapter 24 of Book 1.

Many thanks go to:

My best friends and, family in Mexico and, the United States who have shared these experiences with me, you are too many to list.

My proof reader; Freddy Lewis and his wife Linda in Houston who have been supportive and helpful with my writing.

My editor; Rebecca Frey..

My publisher; and a writer of 2 books, Demetrio Aldana.

My book cover designer, Laura Gordon.

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Rebecca Harranad Fass is a U.S. Army Veteran. She’s traveled the world to over 70 countries, has worked in India with Mother Teresa, and is a former Board Member of the Jane Goodall Institute.

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What more is there to say about this writer? Except that she is an open book as you will see while reading her story.

Chapter 26 of Book 1 Chick Trip to Puerto Vallarta and the Bling Bling Cowgirl!

Chick Trip to Puerto Vallarta and the Bling Bling Cowgirl!

When I returned from my solo trip to Puerto Vallarta to meet the guy from, all the girls wanted to go back with me again. One in particular said she would like to meet this guy from whom I found boring. I thought, “Why not?” For some reason, if a guy liked me or her, they usually liked us both, and we were nothing at all alike in looks, personality or background.
We made our plans to return to the same hotel around the corner from Andale’s. I emailed the guy and he said, "Why not?"  So I made a date to introduce these two. This trip included the two of us and our little Bling Bling cowgirl from Texas. It is an eight hour drive from San Miguel de Allende to Puerto Vallarta. So after checking in and unpacking we all walked over to the beachfront bar where we had arranged for them to meet. As soon as Bling Bling and I finished our first drink, we left them alone and went to Andale’s.
She was her usual energizer self. I always said she was like a balloon you had to hold onto tightly, or she would fly away. When we were together, our energy was electric. As we walked into Andale’s, the first person who saw us walk in said, “Girls take it down a notch; you're practically flying.” She went straight to the bar and sat on it and ordered a big margarita and held court to all the men who flocked around her. I had already met all these Canadian men from my first trip to Puerto Vallarta, and they were the regulars. Unexpectedly, the guy from who was supposed to be out with our friend found us. This time he was not quite so boring and did dance with me. I noticed he was interested in the Bling Bling cowgirl, who that night, as we all went in separate directions, did not come home until the morning with another Canadian man she met that night. Her cell phone was in my purse.
Besides great music, Andale’s is known for their huge margaritas and the donkey that comes into the bar to let people ride around on him. He also drinks beer for a dollar, as all donkeys seem to do in Mexico.
I had met a really nice guy that first evening at Andale’s.  He was down from California on a golfing trip with some of his male friends. He asked me out for dinner the following night. Now I am the worst person for remembering names, so when Bling Bling came home and was mum about her whereabouts, I told her about my date that night.
She asked what he did and what his name was. I told her, "Remember I never ask what a man does, and I don’t remember his name.” She asked how was I going to introduce him to her. I said, “You will have to step in and be first to introduce yourself.” When he showed up, she did so and asked his name and what he did. She repeated it looking at me and then asked for his card to prove what he did and again read his name and occupation while looking at me. As we left, she called out after him, saying his name and to have a good time and to watch out as she was a fraud investigator. When I came back to the hotel, she was awake and waiting up for me. She asked how my date went, and I replied, “What is his name again?” She just shook her head and laughed at me.
The next day she and I went for a walk on the boardwalk as she wanted to shop while our other friend spent the day at the beach. I have never seen Bling Bling speechless before, but two great-looking guys walked by us carrying their surf boards and said, “Hey girls, looking good in the neighborhood.”
Actually, we both were speechless and just stood there staring at each other as they really were magnificent looking guys. Suddenly, we turned around and they were gone. She hit me so hard on the arm and said, “What is wrong with you? Why didn’t you say something? You always have something to say.”  After that she had to walk around the same area at the same time every day hoping to see them again.  She said that surfers surf the same time each day, but we never saw them again. So our days were spent walking on the boardwalk, shopping while the other girl baked in the sun, eating out nights at different places and then going back to Andale’s.
That was our only Mexico trip that Bling Bling and I made together. All the other trips were to Texas to stay at her house in Houston, or at my friend’s house in Austin, or to Dallas in hotels.
Wherever we traveled, she was great company and you never knew what to expect from her. But it was always shopping all day, dinner out and then to a club. She was an amazing shopper; if she liked something she would buy it in every color.  She would also buy one for herself and one for me. She was so generous.
When shopping I was her mule and carried everything. She wore me out so many times shopping that one time I actually sat down on the curb and refused to shop anymore. She got her cell phone out and called everyone in San Miguel de Allende to tell them, “can you believe this Bekka is worn out and refusing to move; I wore Bekka out."
The first time I met Bling Bling it was Day of the Dead. I was having lunch with friends at the El Jardin café, and there she was, this tiny little girl but bigger than life with a Chihuahua dressed up like a crocodile for Halloween.
We went everywhere together immediately, and she would argue with me. “I am your best friend.” I would say, "No, I have many girlfriends."
She would hit me on my arm as hard as she could and say again, “I am your best friend.”
When I think back, she used to hit me so hard all the time on my arm to get my attention or to make a point that I was always bruised when she was in town.  One day we were all at Tio Lucas. She walked in and surprised us all by saying, “I have moved here to be with my girlfriends because my husband is dead.” We all got up and hugged her and asked her how it happened. She just laughed and said he was dead to her. She preferred the sisterhood in San Miguel de Allende.
She and I had made many trips to Houston together, but she made her last one alone because I was too busy to travel back up to Texas again.  For the life of me, I cannot remember what I was so busy about. I will always feel guilty for not going with her, because it was during this trip that her husband killed her. I know if I had been there I could have saved her. I also regret never telling her, "Yes, you are my best friend."

Hotel in Puerto Vallarta we stayed in:
These are three videos I made of her life in Mexico, her Chihuahua’s life in Mexico, and her Memorial service the sisterhood made to celebrate her life exactly as she had asked us to in a letter to her mother: