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When Given an Avocado, Make Gucamole

A Single Gringa in Mexico & Mexico a Sunny Place For Shadey Men.

One of my Vampire's in my life claimed that he owned the photographs I used on my covers of my two books so they were removed from Amazon while they investigated his absurd claim. He was proven wrong by the properties of the photographs. However,  I made a new cover and combined the two books as one. Something I wanted to do anyway. If you are given a lemon make lemonade.

The new title is, "When Given an Avocado Make Guacamole," with both books within, with the same titles. The book is finished and up as a Kindle & a paperback. You can order the Kindle version via this link to read on your Kindle, laptop or Iphone.

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Every month I change out a chapter to read on this blog page.

Many thanks go to:

My best friends and, family in Mexico and, the United States who have shared these experiences with me, you are too many to list.

My proof reader; Freddy Lewis and his wife Linda in Houston who have been supportive and helpful with my writing.

My editor; Rebecca Frey..

My publisher; and a writer of 2 books, Demetrio Aldana.

My book cover designer, Laura Gordon.

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Rebecca Harranad Fass is a U.S. Army Veteran. She’s traveled the world to over 70 countries, has worked in India with Mother Teresa, and is a former Board Member of the Jane Goodall Institute.

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What more is there to say about this writer? Except that she is an open book as you will see while reading her story.

Chapter 21 of Book 1

Chapter 21
A New Sister and the Beginning of the Sisterhood!

I remember the first time I saw Berkley at a private party and she was dancing tango. She stood out as she was even taller than I am and was really doing the tango so perfectly. It was a little comical as her partner was so much shorter than she, and I could see by the way he led her that for him it was total control, and she was having so much fun. I was wondering what was she thinking to be with this man.
Men are always saying to me that of all my girlfriends they find her the most attractive. When we walk into any room together in Mexico, we are noticed, the tall, black Irish and the tall, red Irish. She has always been in a relationship since I have known her; she seems to go from one immediately to the next. As there is always someone waiting to go out with her, and, like me, they seem to move right into her life.
After a friend of ours died, we both were lonely and feeling like we needed strong arms around us and for some reason we both ended up with two men who were roommates and hated each other. This was the only time she and I have had a problem in our friendship as each guy did his best to alienate us from each other. But now we are still friends, and they are gone. Both were vampires and caused havoc in our lives. Vampires always know when you're weak and alienate you from your friends and family.
We have been on many chick trips together to the U.S. and in Mexico. We can turn every three hour border crossing wait into a fun time. They say to not joke with the border patrol but we do. We love the same food and can share a dish so neither of us ever gains weight on a trip together. Like me she is always on time, or early and is organized. She hates to stop and waste time and wants to pack our own food and eat in the car and get to where we are going. She watches the news before to see if there are any problems along the route we are going. I asked her once what she was afraid of, and she said she was afraid of being kidnapped. I replied, who would kidnap single women as no one would pay our ransom? She said they would sell us to the sex trade. I just laughed and said they want young blondes, not someone our age with red or black hair.
Our last border trip when things were especially bad in Nuevo Laredo, she said we could not wear makeup and had to wear a hat and sunglasses. I did, but she sat there in the car for an hour putting her make up on and looking beautiful while I was driving and looking like I had just rolled out of bed. She is the only one who shares the driving with me on a trip and knows how to read a map, but like me she doesn’t need one and has a great sense of direction and remembers the turns once she has been there.
We girls, when we go on a date with someone we meet on the Internet, don’t go alone for the first date because you never know whom you’re meeting. She has tagged along many times with me to protect me from the unknown.
One time in Austin, the man I was meeting liked her more than me, but she had no interest in him. It was obvious to me and I told her later it was okay if she was interested in him and she said no thank you. 
The funniest date was in San Antonio. It was our last night, so shopping was more important to her than my romance. We had lunch and paid our bill. She left to shop and told me to call her on her cell if there was any problem. As the change was coming to the table, a man walked in. The coins fell and the waiter kneeled to pick them up, and I said don’t worry as it is just change. The man picked up the change and put it in his pocket and sat down. I would never have recognized him, but he recognized me because my photos are recent and everything I say is true. He was all the usual lies: shorter, fatter, older, than his photograph and his hair was gone. I said, “Excuse me I will be right back,” and went to the restroom and called my friend.  I asked her to call me in five minutes but say nothing. I went back and sat down and waited for her call. When she called I said, “What you're that sick? I will be right there.” Then I apologized and told him that my best friend was really ill, and I had to leave.
It was at this time we started to meet once a month at one of our houses and have a fellowship. None of us was religious.  All we had in common were bad relationships with our mothers or, as in her case, her mother had died when she was very young.
We each brought a dish, a Virgin of Guadalupe candle and a rose. We did a round robin similar to AA, but at the end we did talk back and share our opinions of what was said to help. We spoke about personal things that were bothering us and asked for advice if we needed it. After talking we usually ate and watched a romantic comedy. Whoever was hosting the party had to buy each girl attending a matching Virgin of Guadalupe bracelet as a gift that was a different color or style from any we had received in the past. Needless to say we could wear them up and down each arm from our wrist to our shoulder.
We have rules about being in our sisterhood that are moral and we have thrown girls out of our group for infractions. We don’t date married men; if they lie and we get tangled, we break it off to hurt ourselves rather than the other woman. We don’t date anyone that a sister did unless a year has gone by and you ask her first. These are just two rules that I will share as many are private and took a lot of time for us to decide upon. To be in our sisterhood was special and not everyone who wanted to be in was accepted. You had to be invited. 
Cali and Bling Bling, who died recently, were the last of our inner circle that made decisions about our lives as sisters. Cali was the first leader of our group. When she got married, I was handed the leadership and became the she wolf of the pack of cubs.
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