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When Given an Avocado, Make Gucamole

A Single Gringa in Mexico & Mexico a Sunny Place For Shadey Men.

One of my Vampire's in my life claimed that he owned the photographs I used on my covers of my two books so they were removed from Amazon while they investigated his absurd claim. He was proven wrong by the properties of the photographs. However,  I made a new cover and combined the two books as one. Something I wanted to do anyway. If you are given a lemon make lemonade.

The new title is, "When Given an Avocado Make Guacamole," with both books within, with the same titles. The book is finished and up as a Kindle & a paperback. You can order the Kindle version via this link to read on your Kindle, laptop or Iphone.

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Every month I change out a chapter to read on this blog page.

Many thanks go to:

My best friends and, family in Mexico and, the United States who have shared these experiences with me, you are too many to list.

My proof reader; Freddy Lewis and his wife Linda in Houston who have been supportive and helpful with my writing.

My editor; Rebecca Frey..

My publisher; and a writer of 2 books, Demetrio Aldana.

My book cover designer, Laura Gordon.

About the Author:

Rebecca Harranad Fass is a U.S. Army Veteran. She’s traveled the world to over 70 countries, has worked in India with Mother Teresa, and is a former Board Member of the Jane Goodall Institute.

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She wrote and published “A Single Gringa in Mexico” which you can buy on Amazon as a ebook or a paperback:

What more is there to say about this writer? Except that she is an open book as you will see while reading her story.

Chapter 19 of Book 1

Chapter 19
Another Girl Bitten and Freed from a Vampire!

She had moved to San Miguel de Allende the same time as I did, and I met her at a party with her Vampire when I was with mine. They became quick friends. But for some reason they made it impossible for us to be in the mix of their friendship. “Birds of a Feather, Flock together!” They both had similar tendencies, in addition to alcohol abuse. I remember when I first met her Vampire at a party, he was bragging to me about the house he was building for her.
It wasn’t until later, after I released my Vampire, that I heard the truth from her. Like me, she was completely supporting him, and he contributed nothing. It was an amazing parallel as she had the same violent controlling situation happen to her the night before her closing, and it saved her from putting him on her deed, as well. It took longer for her to get away from her Vampire.
It was divine intervention as he got into an auto accident driving drunk. Unlike mine, he hurt some other people and had to go back to the U.S. Both of us had lost a fortune with these men, besides becoming wounded and untrusting. So it was a given she and I would be great friends.
She and I went on many chick trips alone including my move to Ensenada, which I will write about later.
We are all different. Me, I am that manly girl who can put her make up on in five minutes. Not her, she needed time. This made our trips together interesting. I can travel lightly; she could not. I remember our first chick trip. I anticipated this problem and sent her an email that there were four girls in the car, so each person would have one normal size suitcase, and I copied it to all. Well, that morning we all met at my house, except the Brit who I had to have sleep-over to assure she would be there. She came with two large suitcases and swore she never got the email. So the next time I had a preplanning dinner at the Longhorn and told everyone to bring the suitcase they wanted to bring and the one I thought they should bring. They all showed up for dinner without suitcases. So we had a second dinner the next night and of course the suitcases they wanted to bring would not fit.
I am the driver and the one whose car always seems to be donated on chick trips. I am also the mother of these cubs, so I set the road rules. We don’t stop unless we need gas, and you can buy what you want to eat then and use the restroom. She got even with me on one trip and actually got the bathroom attendant to lock the turn style so they could eat sitting down in the restaurant.
In our sisterhood we are all different, especially in what we like to do on a chick road trip. Me, I am the manly girl who hates shopping. Then there are those who shop on a mission for only what they need and set out with a game plan. She just loved to shop. Me, I can walk into a store and just look in and walk out, or walk by a clothing rack, and I can see the fabric and leave. She loves to shop and can spend an entire day in one store. I remember the first time we went shopping on a chick trip. I asked everyone what they wanted to buy or needed to, what stores they thought were the best for their purchases. I made a list of stores and everyone agreed.
At the first store I asked everyone how much time they needed. We agreed on a time. Well, we were all waiting outside for her at the appointed time. Thirty minutes later, since there were four of us, we decided to each start in all four corners and flush her out. We could not find her. We called on the loud speaker. She said she did not hear the loud speaker, nor did she hear her cell phone. So from that moment on we had her repeat the time. The end of that day, when we were all hungry, she still wanted to shop. So we found a restaurant we all liked in a mall and gave her more time. On the way back to the hotel we stopped at a grocery store, and I asked everyone what they needed and said I would be back in ten minutes and to wait in the car. I came back in five minutes, and she was gone. I asked loudly, who let her loose? It took me only a few minutes to find her but it was amazing what she had bought in those few minutes. Even as we were getting ready to cross the border to Mexico she and the other girls would suddenly think of one more thing they could not live without, and I would guard the loaded-down car while they shopped.
One morning after everyone was ready and everything was loaded up in the car, we were waiting for her to finish getting ready. We played a joke on her. We put one set of keys in the ignition and left the car running and locked the doors. We were standing around talking and waiting and finally she came out. She apologized and tried to open the door and it would not open. We just kept talking and she kept trying to open the door and then finally asked us what was wrong. I looked surprised and reached in my purse and then into the car and acted shocked that the keys were locked in the car. She came up with so many solutions, and we just listened. Then the British girl reached into her pocket as I had given her the second set. We all had a great laugh.
One trip we caravanned with some other girls in two cars, and we somehow got separated. Of course, none of our cells had time on them. She and I were in one car and we both are the same in not wanting to drive late. So we stopped at a hotel, and we spent the evening with my teaching her about online dating. I found a guy that I thought was perfect, and she emailed him from my account and I attached photos of her.
He came right down to San Miguel de Allende meet her and brought two friends with him. I planned an introduction party at Harry’s for his friends with several women from San Miguel de Allende. I was already thinking of the dress I would make as her brides maid. This woman is a real male magnet. She is beautiful, sweet, feminine, interesting, and fun.
However, we went on a chick trip afterwards to stay at his house, three of us. We all found him so very different than he was when he visited San Miguel de Allende. He was so controlling that he dictated to us on our arriving what time we would be done unpacking for cocktails and snacks. He had a wine cooler that he did not have plugged in to save electricity. That night at the restaurant he ordered for us all, but split the bill. We checked into a hotel the next morning.
Like Cali, it is so amazing to watch the way men are attracted to her and how she makes them feel so special even when they clearly are not. 
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